CakePHP web development

CakePHP is an advanced web development platform of PHP that is inspired by ‘Ruby on rails’. Our proven expertise helps you in deploying this versatile open source development framework favourably for your needs. We build compelling web applications that would take your brand to newer heights of success.

Why trust CakePHP for your needs?

CakePHP is a versatile framework equipped with numerous state of the art features like:

  • Templating can be done in swift and agile manner through helpers enabled PHP syntaxes
  • CRUD integration for seamless interaction with database
  • Object relational mapping or ORM enabled
  • Model view controller architecture with inbuilt validation support for bug free applications
  • Request dispatcher which allows bespoke and clean URLs with routing
  • Request handling components
  • Cookie and security sessions
  • Inbuilt functionality and security of ACL
  • Can be extended with ease through plug-ins, helpers, behaviours and components

Why choose us?

Your decision to rely on our services should be motivated by following considerations.

  • Impeccable track record with 100% guarantee assured
  • Successful implementation of numerous top notch and prestigious CakePHP driven projects
  • Dedicated and experience CakePHP developers with certifications in contemporary versions
  • 24X7 support
  • Unlimited revisions till completion of project
  • Mock-ups and prototypes shared with clients for incorporating their last minute suggestions
  • Cost competitive rates
  • Flexible hiring modules

Our services

CakePHP web development services

Render your online presence more robust, meaningful, profitable and credible with customized and modular CakePHP underpinned web pages that enhance the engagement quotient with visitors and make them monetarily commit to your products

CakePHP shopping cart development

We develop feature rich and integrated shopping carts that help your e-shop gain the trust of visitors through ease of order placement, check-out, furnishing of shipping details, and secure monetary transactions

CakePHP Plug-in development

We help in development and integration of useful plug-ins and extensions that are in sync with your brand’s theme and web design and would allow you to extract optimum leverage from online applications

CakePHP CMS solutions development

We help develop blogs and other content management solutions that would assist you in bridging the communication gap with target users through meaningful posts, sharing of feedbacks, reviews and relevant info update in real time; we aim to establish your brand as niche authority through innovative CakePHP CMS solutions

CakePHP Migration support

If your CakePHP driven application is no longer supporting updates or integration with third party apps or extensions, you need to port it to latest and most contemporary CakePHP platform; our migration solutions are intended to accomplish this with minimal downtime or problems

CakePHP Integration services

Make your web app more powerful, functional, useful and bug free through integration of third party apps and extensions; our customized solutions make the process seamless and less time consuming

CakePHP theme design services

Enticing themes and enthralling skins make even dull web apps look more attractive and help in effectively capturing the imagination of portal visitors; we have proven expertise in developing colourful and vibrant themes for giving your website the much deserved facelift.

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