Codeigniter Web Development

We leverage the potential of PHP’s robust framework, CodeIgniter, for developing comprehensively featured web applications. CodeIgniter is easy to use and can shape your aspirations in the way you have ambitioned. We serve as the appropriate vehicles to materialize your requirements.

Why choose CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter offers an array of unparalleled advantages, prominent among them being:

  • Compact framework with minimal overhead and small download size
  • Facilitates superfast web application loading even in devices with slow processors
  • Use of Model View Controller architecture to streamline development
  • Best PHP framework with performance far superior than counterparts
  • Robust security with inbuilt support for deflecting XSS and CSRF attacks
  • No installation required as respective folders like ‘models’ and ‘config’ hold corresponding files
  • Open source framework with no recurring licensing fees for developed applications
  • Dynamic pagination
  • Fluid framework with ease of experimenting
  • Genuine process management
  • URLs can be routed in agile manner
  • In-built support for different classes and libraries
  • Sessions can be managed in multi-tier mode
  • Interactive interface that allows for intuitive navigation
  • Supple enough to accommodate creative tweaks and logical enhancements

Our CodeIgniter oriented services

We offer the entire bouquet of CodeIgniter driven web development services to help you optimize on your investment in realistic and time bound manner.

E-commerce development

Agile e-commerce portals that seamlessly integrates e-catalogues, allow periodic updates, are compatible with all popular and secure payment gateways and offer an immersive experience to shoppers

Social network geared services

Drive your business growth optimally through better engagement of prospects with state of the art social network solutions that ensconce your brand as niche authority and thought leader

Extension building

Customizable and modular extensions development that enhance the service and functional potentials of your web applications

Migration support

Innovative migration solutions that allow your web apps to be transitioned between various versions and releases of Codeigniter

Integration of third party applications

Enhance the comprehensiveness and functionality of web apps through assimilation of intelligent, innovative and smart 3rd party applications and APIs

Theme designing

Get developed and deployed attractive themes that can be seamlessly integrated with CodeIgniter fuelled apps and would capture the attention of prospects and convince them to commit to your business financially

Why trust us with your CodeIgniter related web development requirements?

  • Dedicated Codeigniter developer exclusively for your needs
  • Each developer possesses 5+ years of relevant experience
  • Successfully executed and deployed numerous CodeIgniter projects
  • Adherence to committed deadlines
  • Best in industry charges with flexible and customizable hiring modules
  • Brainstorming sessions with experts to seek the best possible implementation method
  • Mock-ups and prototypes shared to incorporate your views
  • Unlimited revisions till the final release
  • Super after sales customer service and support
  • Easy troubleshooting online and over the phone

CodeIgniter has taken the market by storm. Its dynamic web building capabilities are inspiring. Your brand endeavours would flourish and prosper with its magical touch. We help you optimize on the potential of CodeIgniter. Gain a definitive advantage over your niche competitors and engage your customers more productively.

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