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E-mail marketing is one of the successful technique in internet marketing where you can communicate to your target audience in a form of emails describing about services and products to them. The monthly emails, known as online newsletters helps to build a repo with the customer and constantly generate value for your business. We help you strike the right chord with millions of potential customers and drive home rich sales.

Our services

Customization of e-mails

We have huge collection of unique, innovative, user friendly and strategic templates that can be used for creating personalized emails for building new connections. With our autoresponder, your emails are spontaneously triggered to targets on the set date and time.

Automation of lists

You need not chase your contacts anymore. Our automated lists come equipped with modular features wherein you can set your preferences for individual recipient or cluster of recipients. Accordingly, emails are triggered at strategic moments and recipients are notified about your business’s updates.

Spontaneous list updating

You need no longer manually and tediously update your contact lists. Our contemporary contact list update mechanism would detect new entries and merge them in existing category wise lists in no time. Consequently, your newer prospects start receiving your business updates from day one. Keep your audiences engaged with timely emails.

Inspiring ‘Call to action’ creation

A motivating ‘Call To Action’ can instigate even apathetic readers and make them subscribe to your services. Our team intensively engages in research to understand the temperaments of various recipient groups based on demographic, geographic, socio-graphic and other segmentations. Accordingly, incredibly compelling ‘call to action’ is created that intuitively pique the interest and curiosity of readers and transform them into your loyal customers.

Crafting of compelling titles

If you are experiencing high number of email discards without your prospects even caring to open the same, this may be attributed to dull, bland and uninspiring titles. We have experts on our rolls that can create alluring titles that would subliminally motivate readers to open your emails and subscribe to your services.

Tracking of email campaigns’ success

If you are investing money in professional management of your emails, you need to know about the outcomes. Our real time analytical tools capture and display the results through dashboard graphs that can be easily understood. Based on the patterns and identification of success catalysts, we re-structure your campaign for more focused outcomes.

Why you should rely on us?

  • Motivated team of email marketing experts with 5+ years of experience to take pride
  • Awesome array of unique, functional and alluring templates
  • Huge database of email prospects for each business category
  • Easy uploading of email lists from Gmail, MS Outlook, Excel sheet, and other mails
  • Auto handling of bounces, inactive updates, and unsubscribing by recipients
  • Impeccable contact management
  • Realistic campaigns with results evident within days
  • State of the art analytical tools for capturing the results and identifying trends
  • Preferential catering to the moods and predilections of email recipients
  • Excellent round the clock support
  • Free updates on newer and cutting edge features available to boost your e-sales
  • Cost competitive pricing, lowest in the industry
  • 24X7 customer support and responses to queries
  • Technical troubleshooting instantly done over the phone

Make your money count with our services.

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