Magento Web Development

We possess exceptional expertise in developing Magento driven services. Our developers harness and leverage the potential of this robust e-commerce development framework to build intuitive e-shops that deliver results from day 1. Magento sites dominate the Internet with an excess of 1,50,000 sites engaging shoppers worldwide.

Spectrum of our Magento oriented services

Magento web development

Harness the limitless potential of Magento to

Web page customization

Magento’s powerful engine is further revved up by our customization service wherein tailored modules are developed to add to the existing functionality of web applications so that you can rake in higher profits

Speed enhancement of Magento web store

Optimize the speed of your e-store through efficiency improvement modules that would help in faster loading of e-catalogues and swifter transition among pages

Tailored shopping cart development

Make your shoppers experience best in class and sophisticated shopping carts that smoothen the process of placing orders and making payments through secure and integrated popular payment gateways

Extension building for Magento

Extensions add vibrancy to your e-shop by helping you build over design limitations through incorporation of cutting edge and state of the art features

Third party integration services for Magento

Enhance the appeal of your web shop through integration of third party applications that are meant to streamline the functionality of your e-shop as well as render it appealing and more feature driven

Designing of themes

Thematic embellishment of e-page would allow you to capture the attention of more customers and set the overall atmospherics of the page in accordance with the on-going festive season or celebration. Customizable themes would render your page more attractive, user friendly, persuasive, and easy to navigate.

Integration of themes

Tailored Magento themes would be seamlessly integrated with the overall design of e-shop and payment gateways to offer a pleasant experience to buyers

Migration between various Magento platforms

If your web application has been running on an obsolete version of Magento that does no longer support newer features, don’t feel daunted. Our Magento migration solutions are meant to port your older web app versions into newer platform with ease.

Why you need to rely on Magento?

Magento is truly a state of the art PHP framework with cutting edge features. Your e-venture would reap rich dividends within shortest time.

Prominent features include:

  • Agile and scalable; capable of integrating any number of 3rd party apps and features seamlessly
  • Open source platform with no recurring license fees
  • Model View Controller (MVC) architecture
  • Entity Attribute Value (EAV) database model
  • Offers ease of navigation, page transition, and landing on strategic pages
  • Allows embedding of secure monetary transactions and popular payment gateways
  • Multi-site functionality
  • Easy introduction of loyalty programs, discounts, coupons etc.
  • Simple product categorization and e-catalogue integration

We are your one stop destination for developing spectacular and feature rich e-stores with Magento. Our dedicated developers’ team consists of seasoned and creative professional with brilliant track records. Previous case studies are available for ready reference.

We will give your e-commerce aspirations the much deserved fillip. Call us now!!!

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