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UX or ‘User Experience’ is essentially subjective. The success of a robust UX depends on its influencing capability i.e. whether it is able to transform opinions of even apathetic users into your favour. Its ability to change the perception of your brand among active and passive users i.e. whether the interface has given a fillip to sale and user engagement after deployment. Its longevity i.e. the time for which the UI (User Interface) continues to hold an appeal for and persuade users without losing in interest

We believe in strategically developing holistic experience to your users with cutting edge UX designs. Uniqueness and refreshing new approach are our USPs.

We take the human computer interaction to a new level

UX design would prove productive and easily adaptable if it offers a new perspective to users with which they can relate to.

Our designs offer immersive experience to audiences by:

  • Offering ease of navigation characterized by intuitive browsing and site map assistance
  • Embedding humane approach into the UI through conversion of creative designs on paper into digital shades
  • Blending colours, images, ancillary graphics, and atmospherics in colourful manner that tantalize users and motivate them to crave for more experience
  • Using minimal and agile coding that loads faster and seamlessly even on devices with slow resolutions and poor processing speeds
  • Rendering the experience seamless and failsafe through prototyping, simulations, mock-ups
  • Tweaking of the brightness, transparency, contrast, and sharpness of the images easily for enhancing the crispiness of the app

Technically underpinned UX: We drive business through persuasive UX

Our UX designs offer your venture definitive competitive edge over adversaries. We harness the potential of advanced programming and graphic software to create mind blowing yet realistic experiences.

In our arsenal, we use

  • C#
  • Objective C
  • C++ object oriented programming
  • HTML 5
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Sketch
  • Pop
  • Marvel
  • UXPin
  • Dynamic toolkit with bootstrapping elements
  • Photoshop

And other sophisticated software to make your sales and profits grow exponentially.

Photoshop and UX software synchronization allows for systematizing of workflow for dragging and dropping of .psd files. This allows maintaining of the design integrity of different layers in the image file.

Why us?

We can help you amplify the reach of your business. Our UX architects and creative designers believe in pushing the envelope to improve your revenues, market penetration and business volume.

Top reasons to pose your trust on us

  • Information and updates on all important milestones during designing phase
  • Incorporation of your ideas and suggestions in the final design
  • UX design in sync with your brand image and logo
  • Cost competitive hiring modules to suit your budget
  • Customer support even after delivery of the project
  • Unlimited revisions till the deployment of UX
  • Involvement of clients in brainstorming session during designing, testing and roll-out stages

We turbocharge your prospects of surging ahead of the competition with our conscious and creative efforts.

Reach us know to learn more about the ways in which we can give your personal or corporate brand a definitive facelift.

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