Pay per click

Pay per click or PPC can drive in instant traffic to your site in hordes. We offer strategic support to make your brand emerge victorious for choicest of keyword phrases in search auctions.

Why PPC?

PPC makes your site invariably appear in the opening results’ page for all relevant organic queries. You can bid for different phrases that reflect your brand motto optimally and get premium space for showcasing your site’s link against those searches.

  • Ally with us and be on the driver’s seat always
  • Accelerate your way to success by appearing alongside all relevant non-paid organic results
  • Reap optimum returns for each click you are paying for
  • Improve your quality score and pay less for each click

Our services

Keyword & phrase research

We conduct intensive research into your niche to figure out the phrases and keywords that drive traffic with highest potential to convert. Accordingly, we advise you for placing bid for phrases that would fructify.

Traffic generation

You would receive qualified traffic within minutes of opening the account with Google AdWords. We would optimally strategize to ensure that the traffic stream flow in consistently even without having to spend a fortune at a later date.

Real time adjustments to cater to changing moods of audiences

We keep a hawk’s eye on the organic traffic behaviour and mood swings. This helps us to tweak your pay per click campaigns within a matter of time. You can confidently cater to changing user tastes and remain shielded from market vagaries.

Long tail search support

Long tail keywords are phrases that are longer and highly specific. Casual searchers won’t go for these query terms. This implies that whoever would enter long tail search phrases intend to buy the particular service or product. Our expertise in this domain would help you get highly relevant traffic that is bound to convert into loyal consumers. We deploy state of the art keyword research tools to land on the right set of long tail phrases.

Constant outlay

We help you keep the budget for PPC advertisements constant. More traffic won’t imply higher cost per click. Most marketers tend to scale up the budget proportionately with the volume of traffic received. However, we safeguard you from such escalations. You keep achieving better ranks with limited outlay and effort.

Why choose us?

We are your most trusted partners in the realm of PPC advertisement.

Our unique advantages:

  • Proven track record of driving 100% convertible organic traffic to client’s sites
  • Cutting edge and contemporary tools
  • Dedicated PPC experts with 5+ years of relevant experience
  • Cost competitive hiring modules with guaranteed lowest rates in the industry
  • Flexible hiring modules
  • 24X7 support and troubleshooting
  • Excellent after sales support
  • Previous case studies available for ready reference
  • Extensive research to arrive at highly searched and relevant keywords

We don’t allow you to fall prey to the bidding war and lose heavily. Connect with us now to learn how we can help you win the search engine battle. Grab right eyeballs effortlessly.

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