Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We help you register exponential business growth with our focused Search engine marketing (SEM) solutions. Your niche marketplace is growing increasingly competitive. Economic volatilities further add to your worries. Stop. Don’t Panic.. We will help you stabilize sales and place it on constant growth trajectory.

Our services

We are a team of dedicated search engine marketers carrying significant insights into market trends. Our customized marketing solutions help your site improve in acceptability and credibility at optimal rates.

Strategic Keyword Research

Any robust marketing plan needs to be founded upon comprehensive keyword research. Your site’s click through rates would dramatically improve if you proactively predict the relevant keywords that potential users would query for. Our keyword management is best in class.

We use state of the art keyword search tools that offer closest semblance to what users think. These keywords are compatible with Google and other search engine algorithms. We also look out for negative keywords that reduce your site’s search-ability quotient. Keywords with ‘high commercial intent’ are painstakingly chosen and embedded in site’s content

Search engine campaigns

We develop and deploy focused campaigns to make your site highly visible.

Dedicated ‘Ad campaigns’ are organized on seasonal basis for promoting particular products intensively. Our team consistently track the online landscape to keep stock of the trends and capitalize on the same.

Ad auction & Pay Per Click Campaign

Our expertise in Ad auction ensures that you win the bid for selected and premiere keywords always over your contemporaries. Your premium ad would be highlighted alongside organic search results. Our strategy ensures that you win the auction every time and have to pay lesser for per appearance.

Google AdWords Quality Score improvement

We meticulously analyse the ad ranking formula and ensure that your site secures high quality scores. This would ensure that you can get higher and suitable ad positions on Google at optimal costs. We gear site content for making your offering relevant to the queries of the visitors.

Our unique advantages:

As SEM experts, we use proven and successful methodologies to take your business to unthought-of heights of success.

  • Dedicated team of SEM and ad experts with 5+ years of experience under their belts
  • Setting new standards in the industry with lowest hiring rates
  • Flexible hiring modules to meet your budget
  • Extensive research conducted and relevant trends analysed for focused campaigns
  • 24X7 support and troubleshooting
  • Equipped with cutting edge research tools to help you corner the market
  • Glorious track record of conducting paid search management
  • Worked with numerous businesses from different niche segments
  • Negative and harmful propagandas eliminated
  • Online Reputation management
  • Instant results visible in the form of leap in sales and profits
  • Quality traffic driven to your site in hordes
  • Service support available even after delivery of solutions

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