Top 7 Trending Digital Marketing Techniques in 2018

Every businessman wants to be progressive year by year. If your motto is to make 2018 most successful year then you should acknowledge yourself with digital marketing trends. It will give a base to plan your business development and rise with strategic and systematic investment in marketing in the forthcoming year.

Digital marketing is a matter of priority, if you are holding small-scale firm or a startup it is more acceptable that you prioritize digital marketing as a second thought. Although, an owner of a startup will also be positive about digital marketing because it can lead your dreams to designated success. Digital marketing is very fast moving sector so trending your ideology is a very important factor one should consider.

2018 came with more difficult challenges. People are trying to adopt something which is out of the box and algorithms and strategies are updated, due to challenges ROI is not as per assumptions. “To survive in rare other all are just existing” Let’s do this!

The wellbeing of clients is always beneficial to your business; this is the phase where one has to be practical enough to secure individual success. Great marketing efforts result in best campaigns which can revert huge returns. To assist all professionals here is a list of top trends in 2018 which will let you put your ball in the basket.

1. Artificial intelligence into frame now

Artificial intelligence is updating every industry so digital marketing cannot escape from these phenomena. To get the best outcome of digital marketing, one should always keep a hold on user tendency. Tools for this are provided by artificial intelligence. Hence, AI transformed procedures from manual to automation.

  • Personalizing user experience to a greater extent
  • Make your decision simpler and easier with predictive marketing
  • Using image recognition to get maximum ROI

2. SEO trends

SEO is considered as a base for digital marketing but as a fact, we have to consider its quick variations. SEO techniques were fruitful before 2 years but today it results in very low progress. To move with the flow one should have a look at SEO trends 2018.

  • Better user experience should be aimed while deciding SEO strategy
  • World is about to be compact technically so mobile should be focused as highest priority
  • Try to get hold over voice search users
  • Turning points in content will hold you, good player of SEO

3. Social Media as greatest advantage

Social media marketing revolves around SMM. It possess the power to make a brand from startup. There are 5 SMM trends which you need to know to keep your prospects engaged.

  • Advertisements influenced by augmented reality
  • Motivational marketing
  • LIVE video
  • Visual memories are strongest memories so including more visuals is beneficial
  • Increase number of boosted ads

4. Role of big data in marketing

Big data is oceanic term but if we get to the base of it meaningful data can be gathered and it also helps business to predict by predictive analysis. The predictive analysis gives tons of help in personalized marketing as this craze is increasing big data can be considered a trendsetter for 2018.

5. Voice search our hero

Statistics prove that voice search is booming with no time, in 2017 55% teens and 40% adults were using voice search so it is obvious that we can expect more in the impending year. It can be used to build your success. Working with voice search should be included in marketing strategy.

6. Digital TV advertising

Internet protocol television is capturing the market with jet speed, digital TV apps like Voot in India, Netflix Hulu etc internationally. To get the hold on these digital channels will help you to raise your bars towards success. It is considered as one of the biggest trends in 2018. With the rise of digital ad spending, TV ad spending is expected to fall. Marketers will invest more in digital ad spending and thus it will become a domain of top ad expenditure.

7. Transformation with content marketing

Since last ages text is considered as the best tool to convey any message indeed marketing is whole and solely depend on content. Strategies to build strong content should be improved or content marketing should be included in every strategy of digital marketing. Few tips to develop trendy content marketing

  • Silent videos will be considered asking who will rule social media perfectly
  • Focus on quality content rather than quantity
  • Interactive content is demanded more by audience
  • Exact match keywords in content
  • Lengthy content with concept can be entertained


Techniques of digital marketing used in earlier times have completely changed to drive the efforts from hard working to smart working. For this, what marketers need to focus is to use different types of tools or connect with a Digital Marketing Agency to gain insights in depth. In 2018, if you wish to give your business growth a paradigm shift and start building smart digital marketing strategies.