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The requirement of every website is different, we at Digital TechnoLabs, just add innovation to it and make it a competent website that stands tall to talk about your brand and your business with your targeted audience.

No online business has got one type of users and their expectations from the same website are different. Keeping this in mind, we intensively get into the business and develop a website solution that gratifies the user personas of all kinds and all demographics.

Our Intellectual Process Makes Us the Best Web Developers in the Industry

Strategizing and Planning

Our process of developing top website begins with the structural planning and strategizing. Here we analyse the unique selling point of the website and form a designated process for the development that compliments the overall purpose of the website.

In this stage, we also strategize the functionality of the website and plan the way it should react with your targeted audience.

Technical Analysis

In the technical analysis phase, we analyse various aspects such as programming languages, the relevant features of the website, the flow of the functionality, the suitable database, and the total time of website development along with the testing.

UI and UX Designing

Apart from attracting and keeping the user intrigued on the website, the excellent UI and UX designs that we create focuses mainly on the branding aspects. For this, we strategically create and place the favicons, logos, brand symbols, labels, brand taglines, which embosses a strong impression about the brand in the mind of your targeted audience.

Architecture Development

In the architecture development phase, we develop a seamless flow by connecting various functionality in order to navigate the user from one feature to another and from one web page to another. In this stage, we ascertain that your users do not get confused about the purpose of the website.

Web Development

Your website starts to get live in the development stage. Here, the codes are written in the most compact manner, compiled, and are run. All the features are developed for the website as per the requirement specified. The Frontend and Backend of the website is developed along with making the website responsive to all the devices.

Database Development

This is the process where the database is developed for storing all the website-related information. From amongst myriads of databases available, we check for the database that will be suitable based on the purpose of the website and develop it so as to create a smooth flow for the user to fetch the required information from the database.

Integration and Testing

Once the entire development is accomplished successfully, we integrate all the modules together and test for the functionality, features, speed of the website, its performance, usability, and compatibility with other devices.

Ultimately, we hand over this excellent website to our clients.

Meeting the client’s requirements is a delight to us and every website we develop has a speck of unforeseen creativity within itself.

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